Artist: Paul Smulders
Size: 21 x 21 cm
Category: Catalogue/Book
ID-no: 41.1151
Price: 300,00 DKK

A richly illustrated anniversary book on the occasion of 25 years of collaboration between Paul Smulders and Galleri NB. In the retrospective section, we meet former collectors of Paul Smulder's works. The second part shows Paul Smulder's latest paintings.


Publisher: Galleri NB, Viborg, DK

Paul Smulders, Amsterdam, NL

Text: Thorkild NB Nielsen, Paul Smulders,

several Danish art collectors

Editorial coordination: Majken Rosenquist

Photography: Kees Kuil, Kurt Nielsen, Philip van Tol

Larissa Ambachtsheer

Concept & Design: Philip van Tol

Printing: Tuijtel

Special thanks to Olga Smulders and Tom Beazly

© 2022

Galleri NB Viborg and Paul Smulders

All rights reserved

ISBN: 978-90-825551-1-0

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