We primarily represent younger international artists with a high artistic level who have the potential for a promising career.




Gallery NB has works of art by a large number of international artists. At, it's easy to search for one of these three options: artist, price level, or category.

How to buy

Once you have selected your artwork, click at Send an email for reservation. Your mail will be sent directly to gallery NB, and then we will contact you for delivery, payment and invoicing.



Gallery NB wants to share the joy of valuable art with as many people as possible.

Gallery NB is a Danish gallery, which is known for large exhibitions that present some of the finest international art in Denmark.

The gallery mainly attracts younger international artists, which has great artistic potential.

Gallery NB has 650 m2, which is divided into three major exhibition areas: Main gallery, Center gallery and NBeX project.

Click on to follow the exhibitions.

Gallery NB must always be worth a visit.

Staff of Galleri NB:

We want to give you the best experiences with art

Galleri NB

Sct. Mathias Gade 14

8800 Viborg

+45 8662 8224

Thorkild NB Nielsen


+45 8662 8224

Susanne Kam Kristensen

Administration and partner

Background: accountant

+45 8662 8224

Susanne Fossgreen

Reception and sale

Background: architect

+ 45 8662 8224

Hans Ole Busk

Framing and service

Background: carpenter

+ 45 8662 8224